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Over The Last 8 Years

Over the last 8 years we have quietly been providing high quality personal service in support of western gentlemen from which a good reputation and successful business has been established. In 2007 we decided to make it known via the Internet of our services and became a registered limited company. We are a completely above board business, legally registered with the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development. Our legal name is TCPI Company, Ltd.; and our registration number is 0415559000627.

Our office is in Udon Thani, the heart of the North East of Thailand. Udon Thani International Airport has frequent and inexpensive flights to Bangkok, approximately 1 hour away.

We do and will take legal action against any infringement of the companies intellectual policy.

Unlike many

Unlike many who claim to offer similar services being based in one country with an office in Thailand and a different web or trading name we are who we say we are, Transparent in all our dealings and truly committed to personal and honest services.

We welcome personal callers either by telephone, e-mail, or in person at our offices for informal discussion and advice prior to any payment or commitment.

0ur primary business is our Marriage Agency connecting western gentlemen with loving Thai partners for the sole purpose of marriage.

In providing this service there is the need in many cases for supporting services such as Accommodation, Visas, Car Hire, Hotels, Weddings and even buying or renting Property. Even if you choose another supplier or source, our advice support and experience is always available to our customers from our friendly experienced staff.

We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer and free from discrimination in every respect. As such we are careful and sensitive to the needs of establishing loving relationships and openly support civil partnerships between same sex partners and make no discrimination or judgment in providing the same high quality professional service to the same sex relationships as that of others. We will also cater for any special needs or people with disabilities if required. We will not support any  individual  (male or female ) looking to make financial gain from a relationship neither will we support any individual looking for a good time and sexual gratification of any kind.

 In Connecting People

Graham Speak                    

In connecting people from different backgrounds and cultures, Language and culture is often the first major hurdle to overcome and again our experienced team is here to help in person or by using our own computerized translation software.

As our name suggests we are committed to personal service to our clients and our prices are affordable and highly competitive to other companies as our overheads are low. Our business has grown by personal recommendation of satisfied customers. Even if you are not looking for a relationship our Health Care. tours, Accommodation, Car Hire, Real Estate and Visa services are equally available to you with the same high standards of service and low costs.

We hope you will at lease trust us enough to contact us and we will look forward to dealing with your enquires and of being of service to you.

We Don't Claim To

We don't claim to be the biggest, or number one or leading in anything. Your business is private and above all personal and so is our service and standards. We deal with all our customers and clients on a one to one basis and all our services are tailor made to your personal requirements. We value our reputation as it can only come from our customers.

We hope you will join us to make your future part of ours.

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TCPI Company, Ltd.

TCPI Company, Ltd. is fully incorporated and legally registered with the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development, registration number 0415559000627.