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Thai Personal Connections is dedicated to assisting gentlemen from Western countries to meet with beautiful Thai partners who are both genuine and sincere to find love and marriage. To date we have hundreds of satisfied clients and can put you in contact with gentlemen from most parts of the world who can give you unsolicited testament to the quality, success and friendliness of our service.



If you are looking for a beautiful Thai wife to live with you in your own country in the west or to live here in Thailand with your Thai bride Thai personal Connections Ltd offers the very best in service, choice and costs and that's guaranteed


Most of our competitors spend a lot of time and text in their websites stating how bad other companies are rather than tell you about themselves, First we would not insult your intelligence in being able to recognise a genuine company and value for money. We welcome competition but few can match our service, honesty, transparency and certainly our costs. If they can we refund the difference and that's guaranteed 

You can make initial inquiry and contact with us without any obligation or cost.

Please use the registration tab to register with our marriage agency. 

You can also contact us by telephone or in person at our offices in Thailand. You will find more details of our address and phone number on our " Contact Us"  

To register with us is totally free and without any obligation and just click this link to access the form 

We are legal, registered and based in Thailand for one simple reason, It's the point of service delivery of all our services to our customers and clients. That means we are here from the start as soon as you arrive to give a truly personal and professional service supported by years of experience and service guarantees. 

In looking at other marriage agencies in Thailand beware of some companies and their claims. Check they have a Thai Company registration number. If they don't you may have no rights or claims if things go wrong. You may think an office in the UK or USA sounds good but the service is provided in Thailand and not the UK or US. So when you pay them large deposits and fees very difficult to get your money back when they don't / cant deliver the service as not registered in either country


All ladies register free with our company following an interview at our office having provided us with a check-able record of employment, marital status, and family background. They also agree to medical checks and police enquiries to establish they are free of any criminal past. They also have to agree that they will be totally honest with us and you and are genuine in seeking love and marriage and not to seek material or financial gain from our services or from you in any relationship. 

If any lady cannot meet these standards they will not be enrolled within the agency. Even after registration should facts or actions be known to break that code they will be removed from our register. We do not accept any bar girl or any lady known to have worked or working in any sex related industry

We will not support any lady wishing to find a Western gentleman for the purpose of money

We are not in business to help Thai ladies and or their families rich for free

We arrange photographs of the ladies to help you make your selection. We do not allow digitally enhanced photos or studio produced photos as we insist on a true likeness of the lady in question within any photo displayed. A profile is produced by us from the information given and they are included in our data base which currently has over 780 members (growing daily) for you to choose from.

Most of our members are between 21 and 60 and have good education and employment history, many with professional careers such as teaching, commerce and banking. Being in the North East of Thailand we attract ladies with high moral principals away from the night lights of Bangkok and Pattaya. We respect all our enrolled members as much as we will you in all our dealings. Any successful relationship and marriage has to be based on mutual trust, honesty and respect as an agent that is a demand placed on us too and held with high regard.

All ladies on our register are available for marriages have come to our agency following recommendation. We do not advertise or promote this service in Thailand. Truth is we don't have to as our reputation is in front of us and despite being in the North East we are known and approached from all areas of the country. Irrespective of where a lady is from the same checks and procedures for enrolment applied. We do all we can to ensure that your search for a Thai wife is successful in finding genuine love and honesty from any of our ladies

We are not interested in creating a vast numbers of enrolled members to make us look big but we are interested in genuine people, family minded, honest and seeking the love and security that only marriage can bring. The reason so many ladies want to join TPC is they learn that so many gentlemen use our service, come here, meet ladies, get married and both are happy. They just want the same




First see for yourself, just click on the "Gallery" tab and you will find hundreds of beautiful ladies genuine in searching for love and marriage. We have divided ladies into three groups of age difference making searching easier. The fourth box is new ladies joined in the last three months. Our website is time controlled so if a lady has a birthday today her age is changed automatically. Therefore any stated age of a lady is accurate to the minute you view the website

Without any obligation or cost click the "register" tab to give us your contact details. We will normally reply within 24 hours with more details and  how to advise us on the ladies you are interested in

We will discuss with you the date and the time of your arrival and assist with flights if required to Bangkok International Airport and later any internal flight to Udon Thani. We arrange to meet you at Udon Thani Airport for transfer to a pre arranged hotel by a senior member of our team.  Only when you have met with us in person, are completely satisfied with our service and assured that the ladies are available and willing to meet with you do we ask for our low fee to be paid. And that's guaranteed

We do not ask for deposits, part payment or any monies in advance of our service being delivered and until we meet you in person in Thailand.      When our fee is paid you start meeting your choice of ladies within the hour

We put ourselves up front NOT your time and money

Having met with you we will take you to a 3 star hotel near our office which has good rates and service and safe accommodation. Following that you are free to extend your stay at the same hotel at your own expense or arrange accommodation elsewhere (which we can help you with) that may be nearer to the home of the lady you are interested in.

Later we will collect you from the hotel and arrange as many meetings as you wish during your stay.  From the time you first enrol with us in the unlikely event you do not meet your ideal partner you can arrange to meet as many ladies as you wish over the following 12 months for the purpose of marriage from our data base current at any time.

The number you can meet is unlimited at our office which will be in private and comfortable yet informal, relaxed surroundings. When you meet with each and every lady an experienced member of the team is at hand at all times, so is a qualified and experienced translator, completely free of charge and with unlimited time when required

Our support service is available to you free for 3 years as it can take up to that time to bring two cultures and sometimes worlds together. All you have to do is ask but by then you will have come to know us and our team and you will already have the confidence in our advice and service to know we will do all we can to support you and your partner.


We say to you, come with confidence in knowing that if any other registered Thai marriage agency can offer the same service at lower costs we will refund the difference. Your safety and future happiness is our priority And That's guaranteed !

We say to the rest BEAT THAT !

We believe we have taken the risk out of dating sites and dating clubs who will not offer one guarantee about themselves or their ladies. We have also taken the cost out of expensive marriage agencies.

Others have done it before. We just do it better, safer and at lower cost for you and through our service standards we have now become the leading marriage agency in Thailand

All relationships are personal and private and we respect that but a little help with the connection can go a long way which is where we come in. It has to be a personal connection and a personal service We are both. Its the name of our company, the name of our website. It is who we are and what we do. We Look forward to hearing from you, being of service and helping you make your personal connection.

Thai Personal Connections

TPCI Co., Ltd. is fully incorporated with the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development in the kingdom of Thailand registration number 0415559000627.