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About Thailand

To compliment our marriage agency the following is a small overview of Thailand. This is just a small sample of amazing Thailand which is just waiting for you to discover and enjoy. We can only add to the wonders by introducing you to beautiful Thai ladies wishing to find love and marriage in a western gentleman

Some Facts of Thailand

The name of Thailand (Prathet Thai) means "land of the free" and has a population of approx 65million. It is estimated that about 10 million live in the capital Bangkok (Kung Thep) meaning "city of angels." Thailand is also known as the land of smiles and that's a name been given by its visitors in meeting and sharing time with Thai people

The country consists of approx 514,000 sq kilometers with mountains to the north, fertile plains in central and northeaster areas. Many tropical beaches and islands with clear blue water makes Thailand magical for the diver, water sports or just relaxing in the sunshine

The population is made up of 80% Thai, 10% Chinese, 3% Malay and 7% other. The main Language is Thai although English is widely spoken in tourist areas. Most banks and large shops speak some English and all road signs are in Thai and English

English is now taught in all schools as a core subject as recognition of the importance of English in tourism, world trade and commerce both now and in the future

Buddhism is the main religion representing 95% of the population, 3% Muslim and 2% other are the remainder

Head of state is His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej who is the most loved king by its people in the world


The government is Democratic Constitutional Monarchy which administrates over 76 provinces each sub divided into Amphor districts. The sub districts (villages) are know as Tambon

The red, white and blue national flag of Thailand represents the Monarchy, Buddhism and the country

The climate is hot and humid being sub tropical. The hottest periods are from March to July. From November to February temperatures are cooler at night and early morning but can still reach daytime temperatures of 32C. Rain is more common during June to October but it remains hot even when raining

Time is GMT + 7 hours.  Electricity 220v AC


Bangkok was founded in 1782 and known as the city of angels and has progressively grown and developed into one of the most diverse city in the world with an amazing mix of ancient and ultra modern. Ranking as the 22nd largest city in the world it has become the most built up and developed area in south east Asia


During the last 200 years Bangkok has grown to become the political, social and economic center not only for Thailand but also Indochina and south east Asia

Bangkok's influence in the arts, politics, fashion, and entertainment as well as a business, financial and cultural center for Asia has given Bangkok global city status

In more recent decades Bangkok has changed with the times into a modern and sophisticated city. Skyscrapers are of often seen by the side of an ancient temple. Street stalls outside huge shopping malls and complexes. The contrasts are amazing with one complementing the beauty with the simplicity of the other. These are just some of the factors that has made Bangkok vibrant, colorful and fascinating


To get around the choice is from the best sky train in the world to a bicycle taxi ( Tuk Tuk). As mush as in on land as on water too with a network of canal water buses and excursions to take by boat. There is even a floating market and housing too. Taxis, buses and sanlors also offer a cheap and easy way to get around


Hotels range from the very best in breathtaking luxury and surroundings to budget guest houses all offering great hospitality and value for money. Which ever you choose you will be welcome, greeted with a smile and given good service. Just click our hotel tab and you will see what we mean stating room costs, inside photos of rooms and facilities and map for location


Located 867 kilometers south of Bangkok, Phuket is Thailand's largest island, shaped like a pearl and measuring approx 21 kilometers long. Connected to the mainland by a causeway it has a coastline of white sandy beaches with quiet coves, clear blue water of the Andaman sea yet set with a backdrop of green hills, coconut groves and rubber plantations. These combined together have created the image of the pearl of Thailand and a tropical paradise


Phuket formerly obtained its wealth from tin and rubber and has a rich and colorful history. The island was one of the old trading routes between India and china, also visited many times by the French, English, Dutch and Spanish during these times

Blessed by nature and never ending smiles from its people along with the best in hospitality and entertainment Thailand has developed a superb tourism infrastructure which makes Phuket today one of the worlds premier tropical destinations


Palm trees and white sandy beaches, superb accommodation and delicious seafood's all come together in one paradise called Phuket. This with numerous sporting and leisure activities and of course all year round sunshine makes the perfect combination for happiness and magical memories. Phuket has the highest tourist return rate of all Asian tropical destinations. You can see hundreds of hotels and resorts to choose from at a price to suit one click away on our hotel tab


Phuket also has a very active and supportive office from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). You will find the staff most helpful in planing your stay and making you welcome. All are English speaking and very experienced in local and national places of interest, festivals and local events 


Khon Kaen is the commercial, administrative and educational center of the northeast and often used by tourists as a base for visiting regional places of interest.

The medical university in the city is world renown not only for its standards of learning but for its modern buildings and facilities which makes substantial contribution to medicine and medical science


Khon Kaen National Museum is home to objects from the Dvaravati period and bronze sculptures from Ban Chiang

Kaen Nakhon lake in the center of the city is popular for sport, picnics and dining or just relaxing in the sunshine with peaceful surroundings. On the bank of the lake stands Wat That with typical Isam spires and makes a breathtaking backdrop to wonderful tropical sunsets

The city is also famous for being the center of the northern silk industry with numerous weavers still making traditional handmade Thai silk in cottage industries from surrounding villages. Many designs and colors are created by the weavers and Chonnabot is noted for the quality of silk.


Many unusual animals and reptiles are popular in the province with the cobra and turtle villages high on most tourists program. Keepers and trainers live close by with the animals to care for their welfare and also to prepare for spectacular displays for your enjoyment and entertainment

The dinosaur is the provincial symbol following the discovery of many huge remains in what is now Phu Wiang National Park. The park providing fabulous walks and many exhibits from this period. The park has its own stunning beauty in many floral displays and waterfalls. All this set in a natural beauty has to be seen to be appreciated


Situated some 445 kilometers north of Bangkok Khon Kaen comprises of many districts over a 10,886 sq. kilometer area. Within the province is Thailand's largest lake, dam and hydro electric power project. This has been providing substantial green energy successfully for some years now. It is also home to some breathtaking scenery set in national parkland. The huge lake supports numerous water sports and activities, floating dip and dine restaurants all with magical Thailand splendor and of course the smiles too


Located some 564 kilometers north of Bangkok covers a vast area of 11,730 sq. kilometers in size and is developing faster than most major cities as a center for business as well being the well established agricultural hub of the Northeast

Famous for its world heritage site of Ban Chiang prehistoric times where it is believed the first bronze age was established makes Udon Thani an archaeological wonder. It is believed the first bronze age civilization started here some 5000 years ago

The province is located on a plateau which is approx 187 meters above sea level. Sugar and rice are the main crops grown along with rubber and banana plantations. However many diversities are now taking place in growing with farms modernizing quickly to provide an ever increasing demand for fresh produce. The contrasts of old and modern farming techniques can be seen easily but both producing very high quality food for home and international consumption


Forests and hills surround the plateau with the Phu Pan mountains being the main feature which breaks the flat landscape and farms into new contrasts and beauty. The mountains and Songkhram river are the provinces two main natural resources

Udon Thani provincial seal depicts the god Wetsuwan, king of the giants and keeper of the northern gate


Udon Thani was transformed during the Vietnam war following the USA making an airbase and support center on the outskirts of the city. Since the withdrawal in 1976 the base became Udon Thani Airport which now boasts two terminals for domestic and international passengers. The city has continued to grow to be an important commercial and business center not only for the province but for the nation too

Today Udon Thani is the hub for communications, business, agriculture and transportation for the northeast

Udon Thani is also the province which has more Thai / foreign marriages with western gentlemen than any two of the main tourist areas put together. This just tells its own story in so much people just want to live, settle or raise families here. Be it for the quality of life or the Thai ladies Udon Thani province offers business and beauty where the future and the past live together in harmony and peace


Dining, modern shopping malls, superb medical care, housing and entertainment are to name a few of what makes Udon Thani special and memorable. Local people are welcoming and respectful to the visitor all with that Thai smile which is why so many who come, come back


Kumphawapi is a large and important town approx 43 kilometers south of Udon Thani city which is developing fast and likely to gain city status in the next decade

Kumphawapi is an Amphor and part of Udon Thani Province. According to records its name comes from its greatest natural resources being the lake. The lake is some 7 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide at its widest point and supports endless birds, wildlife and fishing

The lake was declared a wetland of national importance by the Thai government some years back. During the rainy season the lake fills to several meters in depth which supports many boating festivals, racing and events during the Autumn


Originally many tall trees formed a woodland and a colony of monkeys became established there as their natural home. The monkeys are still a main feature and attraction in the town and freely walk in and around the town, shops and buildings looking for a meal. The remaining trees have now become a park and obviously known as the monkey park

The monkey has become the symbol of Kumphawapi and much is seen with images and statues of the monkey around the town

The park is also the venue for major live concerts, international promotions and many special events for the region. Many Thai and international superstars have staged live concerts at Kumphawapi.


The town is bristling with bargains and colorful shops where you can see and buy just about anything. The top four banks have a branch in the town. The large market is packed with fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meats and prepared Thai food from 4am in the morning until night fall. The market is now in its third location having out grown its previous homes due to its importance and popularity

Tesco Lotus have commissioned a multi million baht superstore for the town and many other "out of town" retail chains are moving into the area. Both Toyota and Isuzu have opened new sales and repair centers in the last 12 months such is the vision of major companies to the future importance of Kumphawapi


Kumphawapi is also our home and head office of TPC. We are not here for all of the above and in truth more by luck than design as our managing director was born and raised in Kumphawapi. When she met her husband from the UK it was love at first sight for them and for Kumphawapi and theirs is a story repeated so many times in western gentlemen coming here find love in a Thai wife and then wishing to stay

Property is also cheaper due to lower land pricing compared with Udon Than and Khon Kaen making it attractive to buy a pre built home or design and build your own. There is much more information on design and build in our real estate section


Kumphawapi boasts some excellent schools and colleges. Both state and faith schools are here in modern buildings with very good facilities and teaching staff. Pupils and students travel long distances to learn in Kumphawapi

Abundant with English speaking GP clinics and pharmacies complimented and supported  by the local general hospital Kumphawapi is the focal point for a huge geographical area for medical care, agricultural industries, shops, offices and local government in support of the town and community. Many cottage and craft industries are here too which can be found in any of the many surrounding villages

The air is clean in this busy town as within a minuet or two in any direction you are out into vast open plains of rich farm land for as far as the eye can see

Local government from Kumphawapi Amphor office is helpful and friendly in assisting settlement in the area to the foreign gentleman with a Thai wife. The community is very friendly and warming to the foreigner either just visiting or living here and always with that smile Thailand is so famous for

Even the local police are friendly and will stop to say hello, have a chat and give help if needed

A magical town in so many ways. Yes it is growing and developing fast to cater for a new and modern generation but retaining its culture, traditions and values which these days are all so easily lost in the name of progress

Kumphawapi with its leaders and local government officers from the Amphor office have been bold in vision but taken care to preserve all that is great that makes Kumphawapi what it is today yet continue to improve the town for the children of tomorrow


We would like to thank TAT for their cooperation and assistance in supplying data and information

Do find time to visit their website where you will discover a vast amount of information and help to make your stay in Thailand a dream come true with memories longing to be repeated

Yes one of TAT's primary roles is to promote Thailand and all the wonders and splendor it has to offer but in being here you will see they have regional offices in most centers with qualified English speaking advisers just waiting to make your stay the best ever

The team at TAT work harder than any other country tourist authority to make your stay in Thailand a holiday of a lifetime and maybe your home in the future too

They will also be able to give you up to the minuet advice on special offers, local events and festivals just waiting for your pleasure and entertainment

Do visit their website and call in to say hello when you are here

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