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Once you have chosen your partner our service is not complete but hardly begun! In some cases we think it's unique all you will need is available to you, being together in your Land or Thailand. At this stage remember you are already a valued customer you are not locked into us in any way but when you look at the services we can provide they will be lower costs to you yet always with the highest standards.


Please see our link page “Wedding service “for all the information and costs involved in this. We can provide procedure advice for legal weddings as well a ceremonial Christian or Buddhist blessings along with special events catering and entertainment if required. If you wish to make your own arrangements that's fine with us but we will always answer questions and give help just the same. There may be a dowry ( sinsod ) and that will need careful explanation and understanding and may even need our help with negotiation. It's all here and the help and support is free to you.



This may involve a visa for your partner to visit or live in your country or a visa for you to stay in Thailand. In either case we have a wealth of experience to ensure a successful approval of the visa you require. Immigration is getting harder in all countries yet as a valued customer not only will we seek to maintain our success record but we will give you a 10% reduction of our visa service fee that is applicable to customers who have not used our marriage service. We are fully registered and licensed as visa agent and enjoy to date 100% success track record

The saving just keep coming and getting better. Why? In using our marriage service we already know so much about you both which is half the work load in making a visa application. We don't want to charge you twice like the rest do so we pass the saving onto you. It's not about being cheaper, just fair and honest and that’s how we have built successful reputation and business. The benefits of that are now available to you.

For full details of costs and visa information please check the “Visa service " tab


Any Translation (with the exception of legal documents) between you and your partner will be completely free for the first 12 months from your date of enrolment. This includes emails and chatting via messenger or verbal calls or text messages or anything that helps you both communicate. We do not keep or record any message or translation in hard or electronic copy and are bound by our own confidentiality clauses found in our " Terms and Conditions " and also our " Privacy Policy “from our " Home Page " We do however encourage you both to keep copies of your correspondence in your own email accounts as this will be required to support proof of relationship in any visa application later. Your partner is also welcome to use our in house translation software which allows you to communicate in private without the need of a third party. We do all we can to respect the privacy of your relationship. We are only here to support your relationship not be involved in it or control it.


Where and how you choose to live together is a very personal decision for you and your partner. We will always give you are best advise based on experiences free at any time should you ask. There will be many considerations such as family or children of previous marriages, work and financial commitments on one or both of you to consider. You and only you can decide what's best for you both. You may both choose to live together in our own country. Permanently or just for a while but what ever you decide remember our support is for 3 years.

At any time should you decide to live in Thailand we can help and give advice with house sales / rentals and commercial properties and business opportunities may be of interest to you. Whether it is to buy a ready made house or design and build from green field we have the contacts, prices and the service for all your needs with the by now know low costs of Thai Personal Connections to help you all the way and with the usual high quality of service that by now you will have got used to.

Sooner or later your going to hit the " Costs " link above. We hope you do! If you have used another agency before you will have a shock. If you have only looked at others a pleasant surprise. Either way you will find that we are great value for money given the quality of personal service we give. It is not that we are cheap but it is more of a case of the others being expensive. It is certainly not a case of " only paying for what you get " We know are charges and costs are lower than most. We also know our service and standards are as good if not better.

We do not have luxury and expensive offices in Bangkok, Limousines to collect you at the airport as your need is to find your partner using our service not to fund expensive company overheads. This is a personal service and people based business dedicated to customers on a one to one basis therefore you are the priority our reputation and our future. Such is our savings that we can pass on those befits on to you.

Our offices are modern comfortable and efficient which again keeps our overheads down. We have a data base of ladies equal to others to choose from and you can't get a better guarantee and assurance than personal one to one contact with a director from any company. In truth if any want to charge you more for similar service we just don't know why.


We hope we have given you at least a good overview of our services and standards but please click on the tabs on the left to learn more or contact us by any means should you have a question of us. We will be delighted to hear from you and to be of service to you.

We have a saying here which sums it up "If you are in love and happily married with your partner, you have a diamond. If you have a Thai diamond you won't find a bigger diamond anywhere in the world That's our own personal experience in marriage and one that is shared by hundreds who know us and have done business with us. This is our goal to assist you in obtaining the same for yourself in finding a Thai bride of your dreams 

All relationships are personal and private and we respect that but a little help with the connection goes a long way which is where we come in. It has to be a personal connection and a personal service. We are both It's the name of our company, the name of our website. It is who we are and what we do. We look forward to helping you make your Thai Personal Connection.

TPCI Co., Ltd. is fully incorporated and registered with the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development in the Kingdom of Thailand registration number 0415559000627.