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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to share with you some of the questions asked and maybe this will help in gaining confidence in us and your intended visit

Why Thai Personal Connections?

Well, we are not the biggest but our motto and internal rally point is “The service will be perfect” A hard goal to reach but one we never stop striving to achieve. We make improvements as and when we find we can and our customers are our lifeline and future. Dating sites and marriage agencies are highly competitive in the foreign brides market and not all are honest like we are. We have only grown by holding high levels of customer service and value for money to previous customers
We depend on a referral market in preference to high advertising which only increases the price to you in the long term. As we rely on referrals our service does have to be perfect and this is how we keep our prices low and hence well respected in the market place and the industry as a whole. 

Our staff are fully employed, well trained and experienced in the services we provide and the whole team from the directors down are at your service 14 hours per day 7 days per week prior and after your tour and 24 /7 during your tour

We don’t make any personal connections outside of Thailand. We are a Thai company, registered and licensed in the Kingdom of Thailand hence we have a vast data base and local knowledge which is at your service

It all adds up to a service based company offering great value and committed to finding love and marriage for western gentlemen with a Thai wife. If you know a company that can beat us on service and cost let us know as we don’t!

You have a great choice. Thai Personal Connections will find you the lady of your dreams and either way the cost will be low and the service perfect

Why not use a dating site?

You can, and many do but sadly there are as many horror stories as there are happy endings with dating sites. You just don’t know if the picture is real, the profile is honest and is it the girl you are talking to or writing the emails or is somebody doing it for them.

No matter how beautiful the girl is her motive may be money and not love. By using our services you take that risk out as we screen all our ladies before they are allowed to join us and certainly before they are allowed to meet you. All our ladies are genuine in looking for love and marriage and are not allowed to ask for money or to use our name or services for financial gain

No matter how many emails, how beautiful she is, chats or calls you have prior to meeting the chemistry still cannot be there until you meet for real. After many months from using and paying a dating site with emails and chatting it is easy to fall in love with a dream. That’s great if it comes true but many a dream turns into a nightmare when affairs of the heart come into it. With our marriage agency we TAKE THE RISK OUT and save you money too.

Recorded facts state dating sites have a 15% success rate. Thai Personal Connections has 100% success rate

To be blunt we cut straight through the cr—p and get to the heart of the matter in allowing you to meet many ladies in an informal and respectful way which helps you find the magic and romance without you or the lady feeling uncomfortable or under any obligation. We are trying very hard to help you with your heart. We want you to give it to the one you want and we make sure the lady you choose won’t break your heart or take or spend your money.

A dating site just takes your money and leaves you with all the responsibility. We take 100% responsibility for everything to help make it easy for you to find the love of your life. We don't ask you for any payment until you are assured of our service and the ladies you wish to meet.

When you do pay a fee to Thai Personal connections you find our fee very low by comparison to most other Thai agencies. Not only is that good news but given we include unlimited access to meeting Thai ladies for 1 year after joining the agency and also get 3 years after care service it represents great value for money. A Dating agency gives you nothing but a profile and goes to great length in their terms and conditions to include many disclaimers making sure they are responsible for nothing!!!

A paper email romance is great after you meet but worthless prior to meeting as so much anticipation could end in tears or a costly trip without any success.

Why spend a lot of money and time on dating sites as you may have already made you mind up to come to Thailand. Meeting a lady is what you want so take the risk, the lies and the cost out of it and meet many more than you could through dating.

With a dating site you have a photo, a profile and a dream. With Thai Personal Connections you have many real ladies to meet for real. Now you both can make your dreams come true. You can send as many emails as you like later and they will be free too.

More and more are now turning to Thai Personal Connections for the reasons above but as always it is up to you. We can boast a 100% success rate. That 100% is what you want and what you will get from us and in your future wife.

The success rate of a dating site is around 15% and can be more expensive in paying every month and starting again when the relationship does not work

How do you find your ladies for the Agency

We don't! They find us. Thai personal Connections Ltd does not advertise for ladies or use promotions, incentives of any kind. We do not charge for registration or for photographs we make take or for inclusion within our website. All our ladies have joined from word of mouth and personal recommendation. As such our company is known all over Thailand and we have enquiries from all areas. The same checks and procedures are adopted irrespective of where a lady lives or comes from for work, family background and of good character. Our reputation within Thailand and with our ladies is high which reflects in the quality of ladies within our gallery pages and on our data base

Are all the ladies registered with you on the website gallery

No. many choose for a variety of reasons not to make it publicly known that they are seeking a foreign husband. Many professional ladies such as teachers, government officers, or senior managers do not want their profile and family situation made public. That is understandable and we respect their wishes and position. As a member of the marriage agency we do make this data base available to you.

What about communication with a Thai lady

Sometimes what is really meant by this question is "What is her English like?" Remember they speak Thai in Thailand and any English learned is a second not first language. Yes it helps if they can speak some but not appropriate to make a lady feel uncomfortable about her own language in her own country. You have only just met! She will greet you with a smile don't turn it into tears because you cant speak Thai

Some of the best and lasting relationships and marriages have started from nothing in a common language. "Chemistry" is often used as a word to describe an immeasurable feeling and emotion experienced between two people. If you have that you will find a way to communicate even when there is a clear non understanding of each others language. If you really want to make the relationship work you will and in love you will want to learn more of each other, language just being a small part of that

This said during your stay and your time with our company we have a team of translators and interpreters to help you. There are also many books, hand held electronic translators and learning aids to be found all not expensive. It can also be a lot of fun too trying to find the way which works for you and a lady to understand something.

The problem of language is only as big as you make it. Ladies of 26 years and older will not have been taught English as a core subject at school as is the case now. Therefore any English she has learned has been from her own initiative and with private English lessons expensive to a Thai her willingness to try to learn should be praised in preference to being judged or tested 

Research has claimed that the less two people have in common the greater the chance of the relationship being successful. The theory being the more you have to give and share to the other the greater the love and bond. Whatever the theory and no matter how old or young, it is never too late to learn Thai or English and you can both teach and learn with each other. learning to find true love can very difficult. learning English, Thai or any other language can be made easy if you try

Why do so many want to marry a Thai lady

First there is their natural beauty which goes without saying. When a Thai lady marries her husband becomes part of her family. The family is still central to Thai life and culture, these values are held high in every respect.

Family values have been broken down in the west in many ways with learning and teaching being based on independence rather than "family". Of course happy and loving families are everywhere in the world but seldom as close living as you will find in Thailand. The cultural learning is to give and share, work and live for the family and sometimes with each other too as it can be common to find 3 or 4 generations living in one home. It has stayed in tact like this for many generations with little change in sight as there is no or little state aid in Thailand for sickness, unemployment or homelessness. hence the dependence on the family when things go wrong. This installs a caring, loving mind from an early age and later a way of life that often finds peace and contentment in having very little

Spiritual teaching in Buddhism also contributes to the code of society based on respect of others and aiming to be kind, thoughtful and self improvement in life rather than in wealth

Whatever the reason or the source of learning it is a fact that Thai ladies are more loving, loyal and honest than many western ladies. Yes there is good and bad in all societies but it does seem to be a lot easier to find the love and commitment with a lady in Thailand. They are loyal and faithful providing you are too! They will want to take care of you and your health. They will care how you feel, where you are and your happiness. All too often a western lady needs a new wardrobe, car of holiday before they can even think about being happy. A genuine Thai lady will only ask you to love her and not leave her. 

The above is some of the experiences of men before you and many you meet will share much of the same. It is not always perfect but normally that's because the relationship was not right from the start. That's something we can help you get right just by joining us and letting us take the risk out of meeting the wrong lady

Are there any Do's and Donts

Yes there are and these are best found and understood from our marriage agency section. Click on "dating" and there you can read for yourself in "Dating a genuine Thai lady". 

How long should I stay

As long as you like!  If you find true love in her and fall in love with Thailand too like so many do you may want to stay forever! Most come for 1 - 2 weeks and never known a member of the marriage agency not finding a lady who they wanted to develop a relationship with in that time

More to follow soon

TPCI Co., Ltd. is fully incorporated and registered with the Royal Thai Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development in the Kingdom of Thailand registration number 0415559000627.