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None of the information supplied by you is used in any way by ourselves or any 3rd party and remains secure confidential at all times. In completing the below there is no fee or charge and is without any obligation to join the agency or incur any cost.

We want you to be assured before you even leave home that ladies are real and wanting to meet with you. We do this free of charge and still without any obligation

In looking at our gallery, any ladies you would like to meet please add below the name and number of the lady plus some recent photos of yourself which we can use to show when we contact the ladies you wish to meet initially. We will then advise you of their response and interest in you as soon as we can. This first few ladies is just to get you started from day one. You can meet as many as you like when here until you find the lady of your dreams. The ladies are not given any of your personal information, only your first name, photo and age

Please don’t forget to send your photo as we cannot contact any lady without your photo.
Some guidance on photos which will help you:

Try to send 3 or more. The more they see of you the more attracted to you in wanting saying yes to meeting you
Avoid sunglasses, silly hats, crash helmets or anything that’s hides your face and the real you
Look smart she will want to look proud to be with you. Smart - casual is OK
Avoid photos with smoking or drink (beer) it will put them off or make them worry about you. Remember this is one of the reasons they want a foreign husband and not a Thai man. This is because Thai men don’t or can’t drink!! But when they do they drink too much, can’t take it, go home and behave badly, aggressive, abusive and sometimes violent.
A Thai man drinking too much amounts for over 70% of Thai marriage failing. So avoid a photo with the beer so the lady not has the thought. Also Beer / drink suggests “Bar” they know most bars have “Bar Girls” You don’t want them to think you have done the rounds in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket before looking for a wife

Please Note
We follow the above procedure for your reassurance and protection