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As an introduction to medical tourism advise we are constantly updating information to give you the best possible information of the medical services Thailand has to offer

We are not a medical company and as such do not give any medical advice. Also we do not seek any financial reward or income in promoting Thailand medical care and services

We will however promote Thailand as we are a Thai company and from our other pages you will have learned that our business is connecting people in a personal way. That's why Thai personal Connections is our name.  However we do recognize that many wish to make savings in receiving medical treatment in Thailand yet at the same time find love and marriage either during or after your chosen medical treatment

We mearly wish to make you aware of the outstanding quality and value Thai hospitals and clinics have to offer in every respect. From Modern buildings with exceptional comfort and hospitality to state of the art facilities provide by highly trained and experienced health care providers

The fact that the standards are so high is a benefit to your health

The fact the cost is so low by comparison to your own country the benefit is to your wealth


Many know Thailand and Thai people for natural beauty, charm and great value. Less well known is that medical care and certainly private medical care in Thailand is a world leader in many areas

The standards of hospitals, clinics and care is some of the best in the world and that's without making any measure of costs and savings in receiving treatment. The choice seems to be endless in medical treatments and care available from the very large ultra modern hospitals as well as the small private clinic


Medical treatment and care is very well regulated and controlled by the Thai government and leads the world in control of patients welfare through training and regulation of all medical staff

Many still see Thailand as a third world country and maybe forgiven for their thoughts but in medicine and medical care Thailand is outstanding

Many think doctors learn and train in the USA or Europe. You may be surprised to learn just how the opposite is true with many doctors now coming to Thailand to learn

Thailand has many teaching hospitals attached to universities and is a major contributor to medical science and research world wide

Why Thailand

Throughout Asia Thailand is leading the way and as such has become N0 1 in the world for medical tourism treatment and is at the very top as destination in the global medical market. This has only been achieved through reputation, high levels of service satisfaction yet low costs. It is with these values we relate to our own principals of trade in so much as we are the first to recognise that growth can only be achieved through quality of service and customer care

Thailand excels in bringing together world class services and dominates the market through cost savings to the client with excellent services and facilities

Medical tourists statistics

   YEAR                         NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS                          

   2008                                    1,500,000  

   2007                                    1,400,000

   2006                                    1,000,000  

Despite the economic downturn in 2009 year on year figures are increasing and showing growth in this area. Although medical tourists come from almost every country the main sources are from

Japan        Middle east       USA         UK           Western Europe          Australia   

Hospitals and Services                                                                   

With our marriage agency it is easy to combine your medical treatment requirements with meeting ourselves and beautiful Thai ladies looking for love and marriage. We as a company will seek to do all we can to accommodate your medical treatment as a priority yet remain flexible for the meeting of ladies at your request

We do recommend that you see and discover for yourself the vast amount of choice in hospitals, treatments and costs by using any major search engine "medical tourism Thailand". In doing this you can see, read and decide for yourself the services and facts. However we do recommend you look at also as independent informers of information and details of hospitals and treatments

Most hospitals have their own websites and facilities for you to contact direct to discuss your treatment requirements and associated costs

Bangkok and Phuket boast some of the leading hospitals and both centers have hospitals and dental clinics belonging to the same group of companies


Khon Kaen is a center of excellence for medical training and research and is approx 40 kilometers from our offices with easy and fast communications. It has many specialised clinical treatments available and referrals for patient care is made to Khon Kaen from all over Thailand


Udon Thani is home to the largest private hospital in northern Thailand is a center of excellence serving not only the north but also Laos PDR. Its 2 buildings of 12 floors is state of the art and was built in 1997 in association with three major hospital croups in Bangkok. On the roof is a registered heliport which is used for emergency treatments both to and from Bangkok and other areas.

Do visit their excellent website which will give all the details of services, treatments and contact details for costs. Aekudon hospital is also the private health care center for Kumphawapi being our home and location of our offices


Kumphawapi has its own government run general hospital and from our own first hand experience can only praise the standards of care from the whole medical team.


It is essentially a primary care hospital with outstanding emergency department, intensive care and routine medical and surgical treatments. It is currently being doubled in size to become an 800 bed hospital with this extension and investment being granted as a direct result of the standards of care received from all of the medical team. The hospital also boasts a very large and state of the art dental section

Kumphawapi is also home to our local private dental practice and again first hand experience confirms you are in good hands


The owner and senior dentist of this practice is also head of dentistry for government hospitals locally so well experienced

As a guide and comparison to other areas / hospitals for dental charges the below list gives you a good insight to what is available locally making it easy for you to accommodate your dental needs around being close to our offices and finding the love of your life. That would make you smile! The dentist can help you make the smile look good too 

Kumphawapi Dental clinic

Simple tooth extraction                               400 - 500 baht

Complicated tooth extraction                       600 - 800 baht

Surgical removal (wisdom impact tooth)       1000 - 2000 baht

Filling - Tooth colored material                     500 - 600 baht

filling - Amalgam                                         400 - 500 baht

Scaling and polishing (cleaning)                    500 - 700 baht

Topical Fluoride application                           400 baht

Root Canal Treatment

- Anterior tooth                                           2500 baht

- Premolar                                                  3500 baht

Partial Denture

- Acrylic base                                              1500 - 4000 baht

-Metal base                                                 4000 - 8000 baht

Full mouth dentures                                      8000 baht

Single denture                                              4500 baht

Teeth Whitening (course)                               6000 baht

Intraoral X-ray                                             150 baht

Crown - Porcelain                                         6000 baht

Pin tooth                                                     1500 baht

Sealant                                                       400 baht

Orthodontic treatment (course)                      3500 baht

Impressions for study model                          2000 baht

The above are inclusive of all taxes

Peace of Mind

Within most hospital website a list of doctors with their educational background and work experience is usually available for you to study prior to making and decision on your treatment. You can also choose your favorite hospital which may be based on its accommodation or its location as the savings you will undoubtedly make will more than cover the cost of a vacation in paradise and or finding the love of your life with Thai Personal Connections. What ever you choose you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are in good hands. We cannot fix your heart but when the doctors have finished with you we can make sure you find the right lady who will not break it again.

Why have so many used medical treatment and romance

There are many reasons why millions of foreigners come to Thailand to seek treatment yet the shear volume of medical tourists suggests it is a good thing. Some of the reasons may include the below

First there is the attraction of cost savings and depending on the treatment you have the cost may be a fraction of what it would cost in your own country. The savings range from 20 - 50% in most areas of treatment leaving a budget to take in amazing Thailand for either convalescence, recreation or finding a future wife

Second the quality of health care provision being second to none and world renowned is a huge factor. Nobody would wish you to save money at the expense of your health but the standard of surgery and care justifies the decision alone for most, the cost saving being secondary to consideration. The quality of doctors surgeons and nursing staff is second to none.

Several hospital have accreditation to JCI and most meet ISO 9002 requirements. With over 400 hospitals catering for medical tourists and numerous clinics the choice is what makes Thailand number 1 in the world. Hundreds of doctors and specialists have sort further training and understand in the USA and Europe not only to familiarize with other techniques but also greater understanding of the expectations of service for the foreigner

Most medical staff at all levels have good understanding of English and are able to communicate with you personally and one small point is most don't want to leave the hospital as the hospital food is so good!

Finally Thailand has developed high standards of tourism infrastructure making it one of the number one destinations for relaxation, family fun and entertainment in some of the most beautiful settings and beaches in the world. Being sub tropical the diversity of plants, vegetation and wildlife is amazing in its self. The beauty and magic only exceeded by the wonders of Thailand and the splendor and beauty of its ladies. Smiles and a welcome to die for and memories that only long to be repeated Thailand has so much to give and everything to share in taking care of your health, your heart and your future happiness

Imagine how good it would be to choose your medical treatment requirements with some of the best in the world and yet save considerable sums of money. That said and done now imagine what it would be like to recuperate in peaceful rest with a  tropical island or the in the arms of a wonderful loving wife

With these excellent achievements and credentials Thailand has become the hub of Asia's health care provision as well as the number 1 tourist destination. Thailand has also to its claim more successful Asian / western marriage success that any other Asian country

Moreover the north and in particular Udon Thani has the greatest number of successful marriages with foreigners than any two of the major tourist areas put together. That's why we are here. Right in the heart of it and to take care of your heart too

We do hope we have at least helped you explore the options of seeking medical attention and treatment here in Thailand.

Our purpose being to expand on those thoughts to help make it possible to combine finding love and marriage with good health. Both are major contributors to our future well being and happiness and hope we have been able to assist in some way.

If you do opt to have medical treatment in Thailand we will remain as flexible as possible in putting your medical treatment first then assisting you in finding love and marriage from either our marriage agency based in Kumphawapi or from one of our romance tours. You can arrange your treatment around one of our tour dates or alternatively we will do all we can to arrange a tailor made package to suit you and your location in association with your hospital and care requirements

As previously stated Thai Personal Connections Ltd. are not medical providers or agents for any medical organisation. We have zero income from medical services. We do not give advice or make any medical referrals and do not endorse, promote or recommend any health care providers contained within our website. Likewise Thai Personal Connections Ltd. will not consult with you or any service providers on your condition or on practice's and procedures

We strongly advise that you seek independent qualified medical advice of your own choice from health care professionals

Any booking and arrangement for medical care is made direct between you and the health care provider and not with ourselves. All payments in relation to health care are made direct between you and the health provider 

We are primary concerned in connection western gentlemen with Thai ladies for the purpose of love and marriage hoping and wishing your happiness together for the future. With that would be a wish for your good health and a long and happy marriage

Now with Thai Personal Connections and the medical teams across the country we hope we can help you have both love and good health as lasting love needs both

Looking forward to being of service to you

                                                               Team at Thai Personal Connections Ltd.