Legal services

There are many legal issues to be understood in the ownership of land and property in the Kingdom of Thailand.

In the first instance we have a legal coordinator who may be able to answer a lot of questions you may have in property ownership.

We also have regular contact with a team of Thai Lawyers who we can put you in direct contact with them if requied. They speak Thai, English fluently and we strongly advise that you have professional and independent legal advice in all legal matters relating to the Kingdom of Thailand.

It is important that all legal issues are dealt with in a proper and legal manner as this can affect your long term status and your visa for staying in the Kingdom as well as your property.

Sadly things do go wrong in relationships. They may be rare but they do happen. As such it is just as important to know and learn of your rights and procedures in the event of a breakdown of a relationship and how yourself, your family and your property or assets as all may be affected.


  • Joint land ownership
  • Land lease information ( 30 year lease )
  • House ownership ( joint or sole )
  • Business property
  • Pre nuptial agreements
  • Business opportunities and the law
  • Family agreements
  • Re financing of existing property
  • Financing property

We look forward to assisting you in finding your dream home or business venture and in doing so give assurance of a wealth of legal experience which we strongly advise you to use.

In many cases Thai Law can be ambiguous and subject to interpretation. The law has been changing rapidly over the last few years to be more relaxed to the benefit of the foreign owner yet local authorities and registration offices can be slow or unaware of the changes. The law team will help you with this to ensure you are always given up to date information current with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand as well as excellent value for money with their very comprehensive legal services.

We are not able to offer any legal advice in relation to property or land outside the Kingdom of Thailand.