Welcome to the translation service information page of THAI PERSONAL CONNECTIONS LTD

We employ a dedicated team able to deal with most translation requirements from Thai / English. In all cases whether it be a personal email or a legal document confidentiality and privacy is paramount to our customers and clients. We do not retain on file in hard or electronic format copy of any translation work undertaken. We also do not store, copy or use any third party in translations nor do we disclose any personal data or information from any such translation.

Translation is available to support your beautiful Thai wife living with you in your own country or living here in Thailand. Your Thai bride or fiancee will find Thai personal Connections Ltd offers the very best in service, choice and costs with all translation requirements from friendly and dedicated translation professionals

We are able to certify and stamp certified translation suitable for government and visa purposes.

Where a translation has to have Notary from a Government office such as the Ministry of Foreign affairs their fee will be an additional cost and payable direct by the client.

Schedule of costs

1 Page email translation  200 baht
Up to 25 emails in 1 month 2000 baht
Translation and explanation of pre Nuptial agreement 5500 baht
Legal Documents i.e.  
Birth & Marriage Cert. Home Address. ID Information. Bank Information. 400 baht per copy
Legal Documentation other than above i.e. ; Legal Text 1000 baht per page

Please note all the above are free of charge if required and included in our visa service.

Any translation in connection with our marriage agency is Free of charge to our clients and customers. As a member of our marriage agency both male and female clients may have free use and access to our translation software program.

The Team

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