Visa Service

We are a professional and well established Visa service obtaining Settlement, Fiancee and Tourist visas for clients wishing to take their partner to their country. We are also registered and licenced for visa and translation services in the Kingdom of Thailand

Our track record is 100% success and below are photos of those who enjoyed that success

 New VisaWe are able to assist with visa formalities for most countries of the world on a very personal one to one basis.

We also offer information and support for you in obtaining a visa for visiting, working or living in Thailand.

As our overheads are much lower than our competitors, we are able to pass these savings onto our customers.

Our ever-increasing customer base is testament to our strategy. We are able to provide you with service that is second to none and at a price that is rarely beaten.

To travel, fall in love even marry a person from another country is a natural enough thing and becoming an ever more frequent occurrence but visa entry to your country is not always easy and even when married far from being automatic. When you have your Thai bride or even engaged it is understanding you want to be together and share your lives and families in each others countryNow Visa

Each and every visa is different, judged on its own merit and is personal. The procedures vary from country to country and so do the costs depending on which country and type of visa you require from your embassy for your partner.

In any visa application the supporting evidence that will be required to be submitted will contain private, financial and personal information about you and your partner. We first want to assure you of not only the strictest code of confidentiality but also of the very careful steps we take to protect your identity and information to prevent fraud. 

 Visas and Immigration Service

Thai Immigration Visa Information                               USA Visas

Marriage Visa  K I Fiancee Visa

Retirement Visa  K 2 & 4 visa 

Tourist Visa  K 3 Marriage visa

Type "O" 90 day visa  Tourist Visa 

Australia / Canada Visas   EU Schengen Visa  

Visit Visa Visit and settlement visa  Visit  / Settlement / Tourist Visa

Partner Visa (settlement)  Sweden, Holland, Norway 

Long Stay 2 - 10 Years   France Germany, Greece

Family member visit / settlement  Portugal, Spain, Italy, 

Tourist Visa  All other EU states

UK Visas   Asia / Middle east

Family Visit (6 months)                                                 Visit and Tourist visa

Long Stay visit 2 - 10 years                                           for most countries 

Settlement Visa  when required

Tourist Visa

 See Costs of service below

The Process

New Visa

First we will have a free and informal discussion with yourself to establish which type of visa is best or required for your partner. We will inform you of the relevant embassy fees and time scale involved and of the extensive support we will give your partner all the way through to completion of the visa.

We will inform you of the supporting documentation required from you and your partner and complete all documentation and arrange for the relevant submission to the embassy.

In some cases, medical and police checks are required and an interview. Again we will inform support and even accompany your partner if required to ensure they are at ease with the process.

You will be informed of each step in hand with regular updates of the progress.


If you have applied before using another organization or self application and have been rejected contact us. New Visa

We Can

  • Process your appeal
  • Make a new application
  • Arrange for any legal representations required
  • All with the same friendly yet highly professional service as stated above.


Movement of people around the world is on the increase for many reasons immigration is a sensitive issue for most countries. There are many examples of past abuse of the visa system as well as the on going threat of terrorism. As such year on year all countries review their visa polices and criteria which normally result in an increase of fees, more vigorous checks, changes in submission and interview procedure and increased security at the embassy. All this is very understandable. We make it our business to be informed and aware of all current procedures and costs to ensure your visa application is approved and that you are well informed.

New VisaThe visa application is Not a legal process. However you will be required to complete legal documents and make declarations to the truth of statements and submissions. Thai Personal Connections Ltd cannot support false information or declaration. There are very server penalties in doing so. If your case and relationship is genuine and can be supported in the proper manner with information a visa will be granted. Our job is to do just that on your behalf.

Here at Thai Personal Connections Ltd we have built a company based on honesty, transparency and dedicated personal service to our customers. Central to our business is connecting people who are genuine in wanting a loving relationship and marriage. Having found that it is natural you want to be together and the visa is key to you being together in either country. We understand how important that is to you and we know how to make it possible too. The real good news is that we charge less then most to do this as confirmed in our Costs below.

We are not cheap, the others are too expensive. It is not a question of paying for what you get. The challenge is for others to justify what more you get when you pay more. We know the answer to that “It’s nothing “so don't pay more than you have to. to still get 100% from us and 100% success too

Costs of our services

Information / support in legal marriage in Thailand Free
Passport application for your partner Free
UK / EU / AU / NZ/ Canada Tourist Visa Ask Us!
UK / EU / AU / NZ/Canada Fiancee Visa Ask Us!
Settlement Visa for above Ask Us!
USA K1 Fiancée Visa Ask Us!
USA K3 Marriage Visa Ask Us!
USA K4 Child Visa Ask Us!

New VisaAll costs are inclusive of tax and payable in Thai baht.

Government and embassy fees are not included and we have no control of this cost as they vary and change often, we will inform you at the time of our initial free consultation as to what they are in relation to the type of visa you require. Government and embassy fees are always paid by bankers draft made payable to the country of application and not us.

There are no additional costs, by ourselves other than should you wish a member of staff to accompany your partner to Bangkok for interview or submission we ask you to pay for our staffs travel expenses but NOT their time as that is included in our fees as stated above.

We look forward to being of service to you and keeping you and your partner together using our Visa service.

The Team

Thai Personal Connections Ltd