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If you are serious about living and working in Thailand do as much learning and research as you can first.

Thailand is wonderful for a holiday but moving to a foreign country, with different cultures, values, currency and language, is great if it is done right and for the better but often things can go wrong if the understanding and differences are not understood. Here at Thai Personal Connections Limited we will do all we can to give you honest and accurate information at all times. Above all we are independent. We have no financial gain in giving advice on you living or working in Thailand. If not from ourselves do get advice from qualified and experienced organizations. 

Please don't rely on the guys in a bar who have lived here for some time. What they say is seldom accurate, up to date or even legal so do be careful. If you are going to live here do it right and above all know, respect, and follow the immigration legal system and have the correct visa for your needs. If you are unsure please ask us for more information.


Thai society is centered on respect and the family. These are the two values Thai people hold most dear. Learning some Thai and some of their customs will earn you lots of respect. You may be asked your age a lot too. This is mainly to establish who is the elder so who should respect who more. In the family too each generation takes care of the one before and they make it work so well. Because of this family ties are strong. To please one of the families is to please all of them but the same can be true in reverse also. A show of temper will get you nowhere so keep your cool and even walk away. The Thai way is to talk through a problem not to shout or get angry. To do so may even bring disrespect on yourself and a long time to repair the damage. Being calm in your manner is much more important than being right. Thailand is predominately Buddhist which is a teaching of good values, calm and not to worry. It is deeply based on hierarchy and respect which is where the aforementioned values and attitude comes from.

Western thinking can be "time is money". In Thailand the opposite is true. Time has little meaning and most Thais don't even wear a watch. Their lives are not rushed, in a hurry or in set deadlines of time. If it is not finished they work longer and a 5pm closing time can have no meaning. The same is true of a working week which to most is 7 days not 5 days per week. Labor is cheaper than machines and personal skills and crafts are high. A Thai will work to high standards to create something out of nothing regardless of the time it takes. A Thai will work to take care of the family and not to get rich or be independent. They are pleased easily are content in the main and are proud to be Thai and of their country.

To respect them and their culture is to respect you and if you do this you will see the smiles that Thailand is famous for and know for as the land of smiles. The people will warm to you, accept you and welcome you into their homes lives and families.

Thailand is still a developing country so you won't always find something’s up to the same standard as home. The majorities of people are poor; live a simple yet contented life. They are humble and giving and that deserves your respect too. That said you will still find every luxury you can think of and more here.

In the main cities you will see technology at its best. Integrated transport systems, building and construction design to take your breath away. Medical and health care is some of the best in the world and Thailand is becoming a world leader in high Tech manufacturing. The contrasts can be amazing from arriving at one of the most impressive airports in the world, Travel across Bangkok on superb freeways or the sky train on to see in minuets a farmer ploughing a field with a buffalo. Remember to respect the farmer as they have a peace and contentment in their life that we can only dream of.


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Housing and living costs are much lower than all western countries making living here a benefit however only Thai nationals are allowed to own land. You may own property, cars etc in your own name but not the land it is on so having a Thai wife or partner can make living in Thailand easier.

Remember Thailand is sub tropical which means it is hot some of the year and very hot the rest of the year. Even in the rainy season the heat can be a problem to some.

Do get advice on your visa requirements to live here first. We can help you with this and you can see and read more detail on our main Visa page but each case is different and there is no general rule for all. 

Above all don't do anything illegal. Your stay in the Kingdom depends on this. Don't work without a work permit no matter who tells you its ok it is not. Unless you have a valid work permit you are not even allowed to work without payment.

Don't try to teach English unless you’re qualified and have a work permit. Anything less is illegal and unfair to the Thai people and above all the children. The children of Thailand deserve to be taught by qualified and experienced teachers and not by someone who is unqualified and doing something illegal. You would not allow that for your children so please don't do it here. Many do but it’s wrong and if you do get caught you may be deported and cannot return. On a regular basis immigration police check schools now.

If you are married to a Thai national you are allowed under a marriage visa to assist and support her / him in a business in their name. This can be a way of living and even working in the Kingdom but again get advice from us first and ensure your business plans are legal. 

The general advice of opening or having a business in Thailand is that unless you have had some considerable experience of running a business before don't try it here. There is a lot to know and consider before you can consider making a sustainable income from living and working in Thailand.

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