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Our company is primarily in support of the union of two people united in love so marriage and a service to support it are a natural division and goal of our company.

In looking for a beautiful Thai wife to live with you in your own country or to live here in Thailand with your Thai bride Thai personal Connections Ltd offers the very best in service, choice and costs in all we do

Here at Thai personal Connections Ltd we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of some of the considerations in the marriage of a Thai national, some we can share with you now and more in being of service to you as a valued customer Marriage in any country is the same if the foundation is that union of two people in love wishing to share and spend their lives together.

That is private and personal to the couple involved. Where we can assist is advising of some of the customs and cultures you may come across as well some of the services we can provide to help you both in achieving a happy and lasting marriage. Marriage in Thailand has both its spiritual and civil parts but unlike the west where the two can be combined in one ceremony in Thailand they cannot and have to be dealt with separately.

The civil or legal marriage

Please note .  We are no longer able to assist with legal marriage unless one party is a Thai national

Thailand has increased the law and requirements for 2 non Thais to marry in Thailand While not impossible the cost and procedure can be extensive and expensive depending on the 2 countries involved

As a foreigner and to marry a Thai you must first obtain from your own embassy a document known as “A Freedom of affirmation to marry”.  This is in effect confirmation from your own government that you are free to marry with no outstanding divorce or issues relation to a previous marriage. This is must be obtained in Bangkok at your embassy and a small charge is made for doing it. In some cases the embassy may ask for confirmation of identity and status from your own country which may take 1-3 days

The process varies from country to country so please do check on the website for your embassy in Bangkok. If you have been married before your embassy will need to see the original copy of your divorce or death certificate from any former marriage. The USA will do it while you wait at the consular section but most EU countries take 24 hours holding your passport for the duration. When you obtain your freedom of affirmation you must have it translated into Thai certified with an approved translators stamp. 

You then need to take the translated copies to the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Bangkok for the declaration of freedom to marry to be certified with official stamp. When you have this you are now able to marry at any Amphor office that conducts marriages. You will also need your birth certificate with you. There is no ceremony, nothing for you to do or say and takes about 10 minutes. When they print the certificate out and stamp it you are married. Not just Thai married but legally all over the world. And that’s it!

You can do this yourself but not easy, can take time and cost more. To assist with this we have an approved agent which does all the work for you from the freedom of "affirmation to marry", all translation, obtaining stamp at the ministry and taking you to the Amphor office for registration. You are then given a fully legal wedding certificate both in Thai and English and you legally married usually by 2 pm the same day.

  Their fee is 16,000 baht and offer a 5% discount to Members of TPC Marriage agency

The fee is payable direct to Thai Personal Connections 1 week in advance of intended marriage

Its safe, legal and quick as a lot of agents operate outside embassies and many are expensive, not reliable or registered. Hence we have sort this company and used them hundreds of times now as we like you want to be assured that anyone we recommend or offer associated services for TPC offer the same value in service, safety and value as we do

First we will discuss with you the requirements at the embassy of your country. We will arrange a copy of required documents to be sent to our agent in Bangkok and confirm appointment with them for you. The rest will all be done for you so you can relax and be assured of a friendly, safe and genuine service in becoming man and wife

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Thai wedding (Buddhist Wedding

This is a term usually used to mean a Buddhist wedding which is the important part to a Thai and needs a great deal of understanding. This is their culture, tradition and religion so great care and respect is needed to talk with your partner as to how they and her family wish the ceremony to be. Just like at home no two weddings are the same and personal touches and differences are just as true in Thailand.

It may also help to learn a little of Buddhist thinking and teaching too as much of the wedding ceremony comes from that rather than tradition. As much as it is the most meaningful to a Thai it has no legal status so a legal wedding as above is required for any visa or legal recognition of a marriage. However Many Thai families will see the Thai wedding as the most important. Ceremonies can be from the most simple to the most lavish and at this stage we could give pages of information and none would suit your personal requirements yet in general terms the day usually starts in the early hours with a blessing from An odd number of monks following which you would make gifts of food and money as tokens of thanks.

Later at a chosen time in the day the ceremony itself which is a very personal event usually of close family and friends who sit with the couple in a circle joined with a string while blessing and prayers are said. It is a great honour to be invited to that circle and is usually conducted by a senior person of the village or town. This is usually followed by a sit down meal for as many guests are invited but always allow for more as many will just turn up. It can take place at the home of the bride or in a public place or hotel and can be as small or large as wanted. Sometimes a concert is held too either the night before or on the night of the wedding, entertainment, fireworks all can be arranged for you depending on your individual requirements. A Thai wedding can take on any event as wide as the imagination can take you and here at Thai Personal Connections Ltd we can cater for your every need.

Dowry ( Sinsod )

A Dowry or Sinsod as it is known may be asked for and don’t be put off by this or misinterpret its significance. There are many stories written on this not all good but do try to understand the principles and not the amount. First dismiss in your mind that you are paying for or buying a wife as it is not true and would be most hurtful to the family. This is a long standing Thai tradition just as applicable to a Thai as a westerner.

Try to understand that income in Thailand is usually based on a family income and not an individual. There is no or little state aid in cash for poverty, sickness or lack of work. The family has to cope with life’s ups and downs for themselves. Hence many work away where they can earn more and send money home to the family. Families may be divided in living but seldom divided in love, support and commitment. That is very much Thai life and culture and needs to be accepted and respected.

Those who have married will all tell you that in love and marriage not only your partner accepts you but their whole family does too. Family values have broken down much more in the west but this is not the case in Thailand. In marring a Thai, yes you may well intend to take care of her and provide well for her but to the family who has cared for your partner in good and bad times and maybe her children too, educated her and cared in sickness.  But you are also taking out of the family a source of income and support so the loss of a daughter can cause hardship and poverty to a family rather than the happiness you think. Hence Sinsod or dowry which was introduced as a means of the man compensating the parents for some of past costs or debts but also the lack of future income.

In some parts of Asia the Sinsod is placed on the loss of a son. Here in Thailand Sinsod is on the loss of a daughter With the exception of the gift of gold rings and necklace all the wedding costs such as meals, flowers and party comes out of the dowry which in real terms means you pay for the wedding as the family will not have the money to pay for it anyway in most cases. The amount paid varies and is a personal thing between you and your partner’s parents. You can agree it yourself or have a trusted person to negotiate it for you.

There can be many factors that determine the amount such as the age of the bride, how attractive, previous marriages, children and last but not least the status of you or the family. All play their part but end as we started, try to understand the reasons rather than the amount. It is part of Thai culture so if you don’t agree with it marry a person from your own country. We would prefer to say it is no more than paying for your own wedding which is fare. Whatever the dowry is it will cost you far less than the average wedding in the west so you’re still getting a bargain in a beautiful Thai partner.

The amount of dowry paid is a personal matter between you and the ladies family. Thai Personal Connections does not have any financial interest in the amount of dowry paid

Much is written on the web especially from legal firms stating how much one should pay. This is deeply offensive and totally wrong as gives very bias and untrue information which only has the intention of you paying them money to get a lower amount. This is a very personal issue between you and the family. If you dont like the amount you just say NO

The dowry does need explaining and understanding and here at Thai Personal Connections Ltd. we will help you with both 


All the directors of Thai Personal Connections Ltd are married to western men, the same is true of two of our staff and as a company we have assisted in hundreds of Thai / Buddhist weddings so our vast experience, advice and support is available to you so is the testament of our customers alike A Thai wedding is like none other usually with a splendour of colour, traditional costume and happiness, mixed with tradition and culture based on the union of love between two people. Whoever and however you marry is up to you but if you have that happiness within marriage your partner is a diamond.  If your partner is Thai you won’t find a bigger diamond anywhere in the world.

Christian Weddings

We are able to arrange on your behalf Christian weddings of both catholic, protestant and Free Church weddings. Catholic priests are normally unwilling to offer a blessing to a none practicing parishioner however with at least 2 months notice and with discussion local priests to our offices have agreed to provide this service on a number of occasions but they do take this on a case by case basis and the decision is that of the priest to conduct the wedding. As with the Thai wedding to legalize the wedding the same procedure is required as above hence the taking of the marriage vows is in witness with god and a blessing in church.

Protestant and Free Church weddings and blessings

We are happy to arrange white weddings in either local church where minister and pastors are willing to take marriage vows by arrangement. Traditional hymens, blessings and communion are possible and order of service including readings and sermons can be arranged. Several locations and churches are available in peaceful, rural settings. The retaking of marriage vows is also possible in the same churches by arrangement. A practicing minister in Thailand is unable to make registration of marriage in the Amphor office for you so you have to follow the same legal process for legal wedding to comply with the laws of the kingdom of Thailand to legalize a marriage held within the kingdom to a Thai national.

Wedding receptions

Wedding receptions of any number and to suit any kind of wedding in a number of interesting local locations. The reception can be complemented with a variety of services a detailed list is and associated costs is available on our catering and entertainment pages.


Thai personal Connections Ltd Will not under any circumstances assist, advise or participate, directly or indirectly in any marriage or agreement that is not within mutual consent of two people being in love and for the purpose of sharing their lives together. We will not engage in any discussion or contract for the purpose of arranged marriage or for the purpose of obtaining a visa or right of abode in another county or any act that is in breach of any international law or of the Kingdom of Thailand. None of our services are available to either party under the age of 21 years.

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